Doing the “Social Co-opetition Two-Step” with Luis Suarez


Look, I have a huge problem with Social Software’s war on Email. I wrote a whole post about it and we had a vigorous debate.

But if there’s only one person on the planeT I’m willing to listen to on this topic, it’s the fabulous Luis Suarez from IBM. Here 12 odd minutes of Luis and me talking about the trials and tribulations of collaboration at SAP Teched with Dennis Howlett keeping us honest.

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Wonderful conversation. One of the best I've heard in quite some time. I was especially excited that it opened with the concept of co-opetition, which I have long thought was at the very essence of knowledge management (though I don't recall us ever using the word) as opposed to its being viewed merely as a competitive advantage in isolation from the overall system in which an enterprise exists. That you ended the conversation on the same note was exciting as well. I have long used the term "enlightened self-interest" to describe why seeing the systemic nature of our business relationships is so important and how sharing is more in our collective interest than being opaque. So much here to think about and - really - a very uplifting discussion. Plus Dennis was real congenial. ;) Thanks for this.

SameerPatel moderator

@rickladd Rick, thanks for the comment. There us such authenticity in Luis mission and passion to improve the world of work. Its an absolute privilege for me to call him a friend.  For those who don't know Luis' work, follow him on twitter at @elsua.  And yes, Dennis was very cheery that day. :)

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