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  • Prashanth Padmanabhan has a thought proviking post up on why there will never be one super [employee] profile in the enterprise. I understand his issues with this but I think its important to decouple sources of employee intelligence and the profile itself. I fully agree that we have to have systems engage and share data but still, as we start to understand the implicit and explicit elements of what makes a complete profile (i recently posted here on this topic), we need to start to bring the right information together in one place. I agree with Prashanth that we need to let employees maintain their profile but I think thats a rat hole for the most part. When is the last time you updated MyYahoo or Google profiles? As bad as HR might be at some orgs when it comes to updating employee data, employees might be no better.

    We need implicit data to feed a profile to truly get a sense of what each employee brings to the table – based on not just what she thinks she knows, but her work and how the community feels about it. Great post by Prashanth. 

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  • “The person with the largest activity in the microblogging tool may not be the real expert you’re trying to find.”
    One of the big issues in enterprise social software deployments is participation and at a root cause level, participatory intent. Once we do infact start to pay attention to the context the exists inside other participants heads, inside our content bases and finally in our business process apps, were still going to have to do a good job of figuring out the input we ultimately rely on to make good business decisions  – be those on customer intelligence, on a feature in a product roadmap, who to give a raise to, and some day, what markets to enter. 
    I havent seen what spreadd is up to but I liked the focus they illustrate in this post and it tends to this coming problem once we begin to optimize the use of enterprise social concepts.

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  • Some great comments by the likes of Adina Levin, Sig Rinde and Jon Reed (JonERP) on what mature incentive models need to look like to have staying power in the enterprise. We risk making some of the same tactical ‘solution looking for a problem to solve’ mistakes as we often make with enterprise social computing. See what some of my really smart industry colleagues have to say. 

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  • “Some of the fervor of the Social Media crowd sounds like it’s led by CRM Savonarola. And it sounds like old school these days to talk about antiquated interfaces and poor process design and inadequate knowledge management systems. Yet for the majority of organizations, there is still a lot of work to be done to engineer great customer experiences that involves the basics.”

    Michael Maoz is on point about fixing customer service first and objectively understating where social fits in the larger picture. i had my own experience with Dell and Microsoft on a similar topic ( where basic CRM was broken and no amount of peppering social would make difference. This is a critical topic especially as the volume levels on social as a cure all for business continues to go up. 

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