Five Traits of Iconic Marketers



took over as CEO at Kahuna a little over a year ago. As I reflect on scores of customer conversations in 2017, the single most striking finding after engaging with the most iconic marketers of our time is unequivocally this:

They have an acute need for speed. They act and react much much faster than anyone else.

This could be across many dimensions: it could be to delight the consumer, or to respond to a sharp turn in strategic direction, or to capitalize on a change in a competitor’s pricing or product mix, or to rapidly draw down inventory fast to get it off the books. The iconic marketer is supremely capable of giving his CEO the confidence that she can spot and get ahead of every opportunity that comes from a change in the consumer’s psyche. And as a result, iconic marketers create legendary brands that are emerging not just as participants but as category winners. Today we’re seeing the likes of Dollar Shave Club, Restorando, and TickPick emerge. Every one of these is elbowing his or her way into a crowded market…and is grabbing market share with two hands.

The folks at Website Magazine were nice enough to have me guest post about the five traits of iconic marketers who are elbowing their way into a world dominated by Amazon. Or downright creating the Amazon of their own niche.  This is how they operate.




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