Seriously, Don’t Read My Blog.

Seriously. Nothing trumps practitioner speak. Mirror in hand, I feel like pundits, gurus, thought leaders, consultants can step aside this week.

Two spectacular posts that I’d like to draw your attention to that I consider must reads. Of course, if we engage on Twitter or Google+, or you follow the #e20 or #socbiz hash tags, you’ve seen these already. But I want to make sure that those subscribing to my blog via RSS, Email, and ways-I-don’t-know, don’t miss out on these two posts.

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First, this post from Laurie Buczek titled “The Big Failure of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business” that provides an honest assessment on what works and what doesn’t. Laurie takes on must-have and must-have nots when executing social in the enterprise.

Must haves include workflow integration, customer integration into collaboration, ubiquitous access and the like. Must have-nots include dropping the email-is-going-away argument and many others. You simply won’t get such an honest brutal assessment on what works and what doesn’t. Laurie went all the way to ZDNet with this post. Laurie is @lauriegbuczek on Twitter if you would like to follow her.


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Second, John Stepper takes on the fallacy of re purposing aspirational-only content widely available on the web and turning it into an executive pitch (my words, not his). Again, John also illustrates how his first stab was met with deer-in-headlights reaction. And how he got back in the ring to take another swing.

John describes how his firm started to show discrete value points and then used those to catapult benefit to other corners of the organizaiton. John is @johnstepper on Twitter if you would like to follow him.


I’m not going to elaborate any more. I can’t add anything of value that makes either of those posts better. Just go read them.


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Sameer Patel
Sameer Patel

Laurie thats very kind of you. #e20 or #socbiz - whatever your poison, its great to have real how-to insight. Group hugs are of course nice but ultimately we need to make all of this work in a meaningful way. What I especially liked about your post was that it will get practitioners to step out of the rampant group think thats in existence today. Your post will help those who are either just getting started or are banging their heads against the wall with what seems like very similar issues around selling the value proposition for collaborative business, in a way that both executives and end users can readily appreciate.  Thanks again for sharing :)

John Stepper
John Stepper

Thank you, Sameer. That was very generous and I appreciate it. I like the way you put it: "the fallacy of re purposing aspirational-only content widely available on the web and turning it into an executive pitch."  I hope the post spares someone from making the same mistake I made. It cost me a year and then some.I'm keenly aware that a trap is still set, baited with attention. Because it continues to be much easier for me to write blog posts and give talks than to actually change what people do every day. But the prize is too great to fall for that trap again. Given all the inefficiencies in most large enterprises, there is a real possibility of double-digit productivity gains - and more fulfilling jobs. (And, ironically, if I focus on that prize, I'll have much better content to write and speak about.) As quixotic as it might seem, I want to change how we work and to make jobs better in the process. Now, though (with a nudge from Susan Scrupski) I'm aware of the right sequence for the changes I want to bring about: Change myself. Change the work. Change the world.

Sameer Patel
Sameer Patel

Pleasure. You guys did a huge service to the larger community by sharing.  I'm with you. My writing comes as much from painting the larger picture as it does from work we do in the trenches. You can't top that and its increasingly becoming apparent when the content is armchair quarterbacking.  Please don't stop narrating your work ok? :)

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