Beware the “Confusing, Headache-inducing” Software I Just Sold You

This is what we needs to be banished from enterprise software, forever. I’m not naive enough to think that some level of on boarding and systems training isn’t needed. But if out of the box technology can lead to “confusion, headaches and sluggish performance”, thats just not acceptable in 2011.


And this certainly isn’t just true of SAP and its OnDemand line has ease of use factored in. And as @smartsoftmarket pointed out, to be clear, SAPExperts is not SAP. But thats not the point. Lack of usability is rampant in the industry. And really, SAP SDN and Asug– its amazing community and mentor program should be the solution to any potential ‘confusion and headache’.
One more data point to look for as we kick off the industry conference season in a few weeks.

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As long as we continue to see articles like this "How to Improve SAP User Interfaces: Flexibility and Solid "UX" Skills it will be obvious SAP has a long ways to go as I dont remember seeing many "How to make Workday easier to use" for example. think SAP is headed in the right direction with their OnDemand offerings and some improvements in their On-Premise but the key will be the speed of innovation and time to market in my opinion.

Sameer Patel
Sameer Patel

I was on the Workday call yesterday and was tempted to make the comparison but it would have distracted from the central point. This just underscores the state of where we are with our existing end user application stack. Its a relief to see solid product management talent at the helm that is focused on not going down this rathole again.  Thanks for the comment.

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