Social Business Forum, June 8th, Milan

I’m looking forward to participating in my second Social Business Forum in Milan next month.

Last year I keynoted on the topic of 21st Century Collaborative Enterprises: The Customer Case. This year I’ll be talking about The Connected Enterprise – the business case, and people, process and technology ramifications as we connect the best brains spread across our customers, employees and partner base. This theme is central to the work we do at Sovos.

This year, the event boasts the following themes:

  • Employee Empowerment
  • Customer Engagement
  • Open Innovation

Topics include:

  • Open organizational and leadership models
  • Defining the business case and getting top management commitment
  • Framing social media into the broader company strategy
  • Nurturing adoption, cultural change and people engagement
  • Defining ROIs, metrics and business drivers
  • Frameworks to cultivate successful internal and external communities
  • Policies, guidelines and governance approaches
  • The why’s and how’s of socializing business processes
  • Best practices and lessons learned to mitigate risks and overcome stumbling blocks
  • Choosing and integrating best of breed social software and collaborative platforms

I’m joined by a number of very bright folks who have devoted a lot of brain cells to improving employee productivity, customer feedback, contact center, customer service and as important, how these experiences are blending. They include the ever inspiring Luis Suarez, Mark Tamis, Andrew Gilboy, Esteban Kolsky, Keith Swenson, Bertrand Duperrin, Mitch Lieberman, Patrick Brandt, amongst others.

Solid customer case studies as well from the likes of Dell, Giffgaff, WeBank, BASF, Fujitsu. The event is put on by the good folks at Open Knowledge, a leading Milan based Social Business Consultancy.

To get a feel for the kinds of topics being covered at the event, check out a series of blog interviews conducted by Alberto Beccaris with Keith Swenson, Mark Tamis, Stefano Vitta, myself and others. Luis also has a great post up on his blog, here.

Here’s where you can register. Look forward to seeing you at the event.

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