The Social Workplace – A Video Cast hosted by IBM

A few weeks ago I did a video cast hosted by IBM on the “Social Workplace”.   We talked about what tomorrows workplace will look like, discussed what is a red hot issue these days – preparing for millennials and their expectations for the workplace, and finally, the challenges and the opportunities for HR and performance acceleration in the enterprise in general. IBM released an excellent  report on Working beyond Borders that sparked this conversation. Link to the report, here.

Included in the video are some really sharp folks: Jennifer Okimoto from IBM Global  Services, Dr. Jennifer Beal from the Center of Creative Leadership and  Josip Petrusa, a Gen Y/millennial blogger.

Organizations are increasingly re-thinking the design of their collaborative fabric in the face of market consolidation, globalization and of course, the increasingly social prospect and customer. This has a big impact on how they engage with customers, how they innovate, how they reduce risk and build products. Workplace performance constructs become an important consideration and one that puts IT and HR in pole position to help business groups break down walls between customers, employees and partners in a mature and practical  way.   This stands in sharp contrast to a spray and pray social strategy where meaningful execution components can get lost in the hype.

Each of the panelists articulated decisive value propositions for adopting more fluid ways of work via new social and collaborative constructs, based on grounded business need.

Here is a video of just the highlights.

If you like, an archive of the whole show can also be found here.

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