Five fragments that make up Defrag.


Yet again, thanks to Eric Norlin, a bunch of us get the opportunity to escape to Denver next month to talk about what’s next in social software. At the Defrag conference next month on November 11th and 12th.

I’m going to spare you a diatribe about why its a great event and distill it down to five reasons, (or fragments) that make me go back and why  this an awesome event for the enterprise folks out there:

  • Its about debating solutions to big big business and economic value challenges that will consume us all over the next 12-24 months. That applies to the buy-side as well as the sell side.
  • Its about the ramifications of eventual large scale adoption of a lot of what a serious IT executive will deem to be well, “cutesy” ideas today (e.g. Real Time Enterprise).
  • A cut to the chase discussion on which consumer trends we see and use today might one day be enterprise worthy. Remember when people laughed at the concept of ‘Facebook for the Enterprise’? Yep, that probably came up at Defrag two events ago.
  • Little talk-to-the-crowd panels. Everyone is deemed to be intelligent and has an equal voice. You’ll spend more time talking to the person sitting next to you than you will listening to someone on stage. Guaranteed.
  • Its frightfully practical stuff. No fluff. All actionable thinking that makes you look at work differently when you leave. And makes you want to come right back the next year.

I’m going to be facilitating a discussion on ‘Communication Metaphors’ with Tim Young, Alexander Moore, Michael Cerda, and Matt Brezina.

Hope to see you there!

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I think I will put "private jet" on my Santa list this year. I would love to be at Defrag, but can't justify all the travel in such a concentrated span of time. Boooo!


Yea the travel/time off is definitely adding up. The real reason I go is that Eric just has very good food at Defrag :P


tks sameer! the code "sameer1" will take $200 off of people's registration as well....can't wait to see you there!

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