Sales 2.0 conference, San Francisco, March 4-5

I’m looking forward to attending the Sales 2.0 conference in San Francisco at the Intercontinental Hotel on March 4th and 5th.

Ironically, my last post was on the topic of opportunities and pitfalls of Enterprise 2.0 in the context of Sales. Given my work with Sales and Marketing organizations, I’m very familiar with the litmus test these buyers use (or should use) when selecting social software. I’m hoping that over the next few days, we’ll learn how well some of the solution providers have taken into account what makes a sales rep tick. Looking at the list of presenters and sponsors, I’m fully expecting to see some really useful innovation. If you’re attending, come say hi. Or register here.

Agenda topics include:

  • How to Accelerate Sales in a 2.0 World
  • Sales Lead Management 2.0
  • Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Analytics and Compensation Management
  • Accelerating Productivity – New Sales 2.0 Tools
  • The Foundation of a Sales 2.0 Business

Speakers include a list of whose who in the Sales community including Anneke Seley, author of Sales2.0,  Tom Barrieau from IDC, Jeremy Cooper from, Scott Santucci and Brett Wallace from Forrester. I have to admit though, I’m as excited in the “LobbyCon” part of the event. Trying to understand how Sales and Marketing solution providers such as InsideView, LucidEra, Marketo and others are going to reinvent/improve the business of selling should be very interesting.

I’ll be there as part of the blogger/media folks and the plan is to soak it all in and write up a few posts at the end. I also plan on tweeting the event (@sameerpatel). The hashtag on Twitter is # sales20 for those of you that want to follow along.

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